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V Visa Inc. Weekly Analysis and Forecast


Market Cap: $168.11B
52 Week Low: $60.00
52 Week High: $81.01
Dividend: 0.56

We estimate a bull trend line for V based on technical analysis and fundamentals.
V is actually trading at $77.77, above the 200 SMA of $73.78, we estimate a probably target of $81.33 for the end of the month.
There is a bull trend line on the stock due to market conditions and good perspectives for the corporate.

Why is a buy signal?

Revenues are growing more than 16.82% year by year over the last 5 years.Analysts expect earnings growth next year of 17.47% over this year's forecasted earnings.On January 2016 reported earnings of 0.69 vs consensus of 0.68, the surprise percentage was 1.47%, next EPS forecast is $0.66.The last net profit margin was 54.4% in the first quarter of 2016.Technical analysis an price ranges criteria.

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